Discover Scuba Diving Negril Jamaica Scuba Lesson Uncertified


Discover Scuba Diving Negril Jamaica is an Introductory to scuba diving Lesson for Uncertified Divers and First time Divers who just want to get it off the Bucket list of to Try items.   You will be under the supervision of a Divemaster Instructor who will be with you always. We promise will have you diving within 2 hours and you won’t believe how easy it will be. Book a Discover Scuba diving Negril Jamaica Excursions DSD and let’s get diving all equipment provided.


Discover Scuba Diving Negril Jamaica

Discover Scuba Diving Negril Jamaica Watersports Activity

This Discover Scuba Diving program DSD allows you to experience the excitement of learning Scuba diving technique and procedures directed by an expert master dive instructor. Your diving excursion will; commence in a controlled area i.e a pool or the beach shore along the Negril seven miles in Negril where the basic skills and safety procedure of proper scuba diving will be taught to you is simple terms so its made easy for you  this will include the equipment and scuba diving gadgets operational feature .  T On this same day after you have shown that you understand  the basic your adventure will begin with your first open water dive under the guidance of your instructor in Negril Jamaica where Sand reefs coral formations marine life to which you could  encounter, Stingrays, angelfish, snappers, jacks, piper fish, glassfish grouper,  occasional baby shark.

Negril Scuba Diving Tours

We rather get started early as Negril Jamaica has a tropical weather pattern of rain in the afternoons. You will get fitted for gears and some paperwork and you Discover scuba diving Negril Tour will begin. We will head to the Controlled Area for your instructions and first Dive in Negril Jamaica instructor by your side, guiding you at all times on your Discover Scuba Diving Negril Jamaica Tours Excursion.

Scuba Diving Negril Best Sites

Scuba Diving Negril offer diverse sites for diving excursions in Negril

The Throne Room

You enter through a wide but sub cavern, with a crevice in the reef of about 25ft. in length and 8 ft. in width.  Extra Care is recommended on entering the Throne room, you swim through a large opening to exit forming a window per reef at 70 ft. this window provides great photo opportunities. This Negril scuba dive will have fragile coral around the opening. The inner walls are saturated with colorful sponges all around. To leave the throne room, you swim through a large opening to exit forming an abyss of sorts; coming into the deeper reef at 70 ft.

The Gallery

This is an Interesting Negril Dive Site with Coral reef with lots of opportunities to explore the area. You will encounter crabs, turtles, baby sharks, rays, and if you are lucky on this Negril Scuba Dive you may spot a Sea Horse as this is their hang out spot.

Middle Shoal Reef (Beginner)

This one is perfect for beginners and most likely you will dive here on your Discover Scuba Negril Jamaica Known as one of the most visited dive sites in Negril area  Used mainly for DSD students open water dives. boast great coral reef to 30′ with a sand bed. marine life includes French grunts. Squirrelfish aggregations at other cleaning sites. Turtles often are seen on the edge of a sand bed with parrot abundant for viewing at this Negril scuba diving site.

Shallow Plane

This is a Wreck dive of a Cessna 152 Airplane hanging to a beautiful reef. you will likely spot Queen Angelfish,  Drum Fish, maybe a  dolphin at this site. This Negril Scuba Diving sites you will find interesting.


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