FlyBoarding Montego Bay Jamaica Flyboard


Flyboarding Montego Bay Jamaica Flight High Water Sports Activity Providing a thrill like no other, The best Fly board experience and adventure to remember a thrill to never forget. Private Lessons are available for the avid thrill seeker of new experiences while you travel.


Flyboarding Tour Activity Water sport in Jamaica Flyboard Water Sports

Enjoy the new water sport activity in Jamaica from the Montego Bay location. Soar high like a superhero just like Iron Man. On this thrilling adventure tour, participate in this thrilling water activity in Jamaica. Flyboarding Montego Bay Tour comes in 30 minutes 45 minutes and 1-hour slots for your pleasure. This Flyboard needs medium effort to operate and with a few tries, you will be mastering the basics of Flyboarding. The thrill of this power flight on the water sports apparatus a real bucket list item. Why not try something new in Jamaica while on your vacation.

What Is FlyBoarding Water sports :

A Flyboard is a Water Shoes that jets water allowing one to hover at great heights above water. A device attached to the feet that propel a person through the air by means of jets. The water is pumped through a hose connected to a jet ski.  Hence Flyboarding is the operating of this apparatus for Fun as watersports. The Operator while in control of where the Flyboard goes the operator of the propulsion craft. If be it Jetski of Boat has total control over the power of the Jets.

Flyboarding  Montego Bay Lessons

Learn how to Flyboard with a lesson a 1-hour lesson you will learn the Basics of Flyboarding, with hover, motion movements forward and back, high lift, and landing and we recommend this for first-timers and person who want to continue learning from a previous flight. Montego Bay is blessed with beautiful waters and sandy beaches and your backdrop will be along the coast of these.

Note: Flyboarding is not recommended for pregnant or Person suffering from Neck, back, spinal injuries, or problems. You will be required to sign a Waiver to indemnify from such liability. With that in perspective, we have trained guides with flyboarding Montego bay experience to guide you safely through this adventure.


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